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Formlabs | Fuse 1+ 30W Package

Formlabs | Fuse 1+ 30W Package

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Unlock rapid production capabilities in-house with the Fuse 1+ 30W, our compact industrial SLS 3D printer. Designed for maximum output and minimum waste, this advanced printer delivers unprecedented print speeds and material enablement. Our easy-to-use hardware and software streamline the entire process—from print setup to powder recovery—to ensure maximum efficiency at every step. Experience a new level of productivity with the Fuse 1+ 30W. 


Compatible with all SLS Formlabs Materials including but not limited to NYLON 12 POWDER, NYLON 11 POWDER, TPU 90A POWDER, NYLON 12 GF POWDER, POLYPROPYLENE POWDER, NYLON 11 CF POWDER, and more!

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